Top Five Podcasts of Summer 2017

I listen to podcasts constantly. I have a fairly long commute to and from work which leaves me a lot of time everyday to consume different podcasts. 

Since I’m always listening to podcasts, I’m always on the lookout for more recommendations. I realize that not every podcast is going to be the next Serial (please don’t try and recommend S-Town to me – I just couldn’t), but I’m always open to give something new a listen to see if I like it and it is something worth subscribing to. 


So, here are my current recommendations from this summer that I can’t seem to get enough of: 

  1. Pod Save America – Obama’s former speechwriters get together to try and quite frankly, save America. These guys are hilarious – the ad spots are enough to get anyone listening. And, the best part is that this isn’t their only podcast. I also have to suggest Pod Save the World (the international relations one with some of the most interesting guests) and Lovett or Leave It (Jon Lovett’s weekly podcast full of snark and a rant wheel). They guys have also enlisted help from Ana Marie Cox (With Friends Like These) and DeRay Mckesson (Pod Save the People) for two other awesome shows. This isn’t so much a podcast recommendation, but an entire network recommendation. If you’re at all worried about the Trump administration, give any one of these podcasts a listen.
  2. The Ezra Klein ShowEzra Klein is the founder of, but I remember back when he was on the Wonkblog. Ezra has long been one of my favorite bloggers and I’m a little late to his podcast. His podcast is great in that even though I’m listening to episodes from over a year ago, they are still relevant. He tries to keep his interviews timeless to preserve the importance of what his guests say. I just finished up the one with Arianna Huffington and her views on sleep made me want to change my own sleeping habits (maybe someday). Ezra is a fantastic interviewer and has a wide variety of guests so there is something for everyone.
  3. Reply All – A show about the internet. With the world being such a crazy place, it’s nice to have a funny podcast about the internet to have around. My favorite segment is called “Yes Yes No” in which their boss, Alex Blumberg comes to the hosts (PJ & Alex) with something on the internet he just doesn’t get. He’s the “No” in the title. It’s up to the guys to explain it in a way that even old man Alex Blumberg can distill at the end of the segment.
  4. The Bernie Sanders Show – Ah yes, the highly anticipated Bernie Sanders podcast. Bernie uses his platform to get some great guests to talk about the issues that matter. His podcast about how to change how we vote had some great ideas. And, most recently, he had everyone’s favorite Senator from the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Elizabeth Warren – on to talk about the current state of the union. Senator Sanders provides some great insight.
  5. The Weeds – I’ll round out the list with another political one. The Weeds is the podcast of my favorite folks – Ezra Klein, Sarah Kliff, and Matthew Yglesias. It’s incredibly difficult to keep up with politics lately, but they do a great job and make sure to include some very heavy, in the weeds looks at policy. Sarah is Vox’s resident healthcare expert and she is super helpful at breaking down the different bills floating that aim to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Even if this kind of highly policy-driven content isn’t your favorite, give them a listen. They’re funny and make it interesting to hear about different policy papers.

What podcasts are you listening to? Did I forget your favorite podcast? Let me know if in the comments!


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