Affirmations and Mantras – How I Cope

One of the toughest results of the November election was that my anxiety reached new and astounding peaks. I’ve always been anxious and a little depressed, but suddenly, I couldn’t sleep. I found myself sobbing in the bathroom at my job. I was afraid to leave the house. Things had been bad before, but this time felt a little different.

This time was different because I did end up seeking help.

Obviously nothing is as good as a trained medical professional, but I’ve found that mantras or positive affirmations have really helped calm me down. Before I did find help, I tried so hard to google and find the best affirmations, so here are mine.

Your past mistakes are there to guide you — not define you.

Believe in the person you want to become.

Out of difficulties will grow new beginnings.

I am in control of my own thoughts and my own life.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

These are little things I tell myself when I feel my mind start racing. When I am up at night and I can’t stop thinking about that one time I said something incredibly rude to my friend, I just quietly repeat to myself “your past mistakes are there to guide you – not define you.” They definitely help. If you have any mantras or affirmations that you feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear them. 


It isn’t just about sharing tips and tricks, like these affirmations and mantras, but we need to start having more conversations about mental illness. I highly recommend as a resource.

And, if you’re feeling suicidal, you are not alone. Please reach out. You don’t even have to call – you can text now. 


12 thoughts on “Affirmations and Mantras – How I Cope

  1. It’s amazing how saying something (a mantra or just verbalizing a thought) can bring calm and help “decrazy” some of your thoughts. I have to do that when I can’t sleep either.


  2. Affirmations are something new I have been trying recently. My simplest and most effective one has been “I can do it”. It has helped in multiple scenarios including my writing, getting things I am not too fond of like cleaning done, to just getting to sleep(currently finding it very difficult to sleep at nights). And yes, we should have conversations around mental health and I am glad more people are doing it now.


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