No, You Should Follow Trump On Twitter (If He Hasn’t Blocked You Yet)

Immediately following the election, there was a call in liberal circles to not follow Trump on Twitter. The argument was that we should not give him what he wants — attention. Additionally, if he truly said something crazy, the news would report it. We wouldn’t miss out on what he said. And even then, there was no way his staffers would allow him to continue to tweet at 3 am (presumably from a toilet).


Well, 6 months into this administration and I’m not hearing that argument anymore. In fact, Trump has gone the opposite route and has started blocking people himself – saving them the trouble of navigating the dilemma of whether or not to follow. Most notably blocked has been an organization called VoteVets and, notably for me, Mirana Sirtis (Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation). Here’s a full running list of everyone that the President has blocked, so far. 

Now, here’s the problem, Trump has defended his constant Twitter usage as a way to communicate with the people. Weird, but fine and dandy considering how infrequent press conferences are coming from this White House. If he wants to use that rationale, then he needs to make sure that he’s allowing all Americans the ability to read his messages. There’s even a lawsuit forming to prevent him from blocking people from Twitter.

If you haven’t been blocked yet, don’t hit that Unfollow button just yet. It’s still beneficial to keep him on your TL.

  • Access to Up-to-Date Breakdowns – Where were you doing the Covfefe scandal of 2017? I know where I was – refreshing Twitter like a mad woman. The jokes. Oh, the jokes were some of the best jokes I’ve seen of late. Don’t you want to be part of that community?
  • Know What’s On His Mind, Or Rather What Was Reported on Fox & Friends — Don’t have cable news? That’s perfectly fine! You can use the President to keep you up to date on the most recent segments. All joking aside, it’s important to see what he’s thinking about. On Father’s Day, he was tweeting about his FBI investigation while Obama was tweeting about how much joy he takes in fatherhood. Oh Barry, how I miss ye.
  • Find Out the Truth – One thing I can say about following Trump is how he loves to drop little bits of truth in there. Most recently was his statement regarding his FBI investigation. While his lawyer is swearing up and down that Trump isn’t, you can tell that Trump is pissed about this investigation and it clearly exists to give him this much of a headache.

Before you hit that unfollow button, take a moment to realize everything you’ll lose. And, why not stick around until he decides to block you too?


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